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  • Consulting Service Consulting Service You can choose the level of service we provide based on your budget, and you can set your own pace for implementing your customized investment strategy.
  • Financial Planning Assistance Financial Planning Assistance We are here to help you, no matter the size of your account. Questions about what to do with a recently acquired inheritance? How to start planning for your kids' college education? We want to help you.
  • Our goal is to give you peace of mind. Our goal is to give you peace of mind. Reach your investment goals, while we provide advice along the way.


Hourly Financial Planning Advice

529 plans, IRA advice, Trust accounts, 401(k) management...

  • We all have various reasons and goals for investing. To help you reach your specific investment goals, Cornerstone offers an hourly financial planning service.

Why choose Investment Consulting?

  • The hourly rate helps you determine the amount of financial services needed based on your budget.
  • Access to professional investment managers providing expert financial analysis who create a customized investment strategy for your specific needs.
  • Freedom to deploy our recommended financial strategy at your own pace.
  • The comfort of knowing a team of investment professionals will provide support at your chosen level to help you reach your desired goals.


Some examples of our services:
  • Account Review
    We can review your present holdings and provide equity, mutual fund or bond analysis on the individual securities as well as the investment portfolio as a whole. Upon this review, we will provide specific recommendations to more properly align your account with your goals and risk.
  • Expense Reduction
    We worked with a client who had a $70,000 retirement account invested in mutual funds that cost in excess of $1300 per year: over 1.9%. We provided alternate recommendations that reduced her annual expenses to less than $170. Over the long term, she will save over 1.6% each year. Using recent returns for the S&P 500, she saved over $72,800 in 15 years!
  • Retirement Plan Review and Advice
    We offer professional review and analysis of your 401(k) or other retirement plan options and orient our recommendations towards those sectors of the marketplace most likely to outperform in the intermediate term. Often, participants in these plans simply select the funds that have done the best recently or rely on a co-worker to provide advice; we offer an alternative customized to your needs.

    If you invest even $100 per month through these plans, it is critical that you have professional analysis done on your behalf before selecting options. Also, if you have worked with multiple employers, we can help you consolidate your retirement accounts into one account providing a much broader (and less expensive) range of options. This simplifies your life and provides the opportunity for enhanced returns over time.
  • Retirement Scenario Analysis
    We provide a review of your current savings and estimate your needs in the future to determine what changes need to be made today to ensure that you have a comfortable retirement rather than a worrisome one. Remember, we conduct our analysis on your behalf for your information, not in an attempt to sell you anything. Our only product is advice to our clients.


Cornerstone's Hourly Financial Advice Fee

  • All investors, regardless of the size of their accounts, have a right to receive quality investment analysis and to know the cost of that advice.

    Our clients pay an hourly rate of $150 for a thorough review of their account and our recommendations based on that financial analysis. That's it. The hourly rate is the only fee that is paid to our firm: there are no hidden fees or commissions because we are paid by no one but you.


Start Planning for Retirement Today

  • Ready to get started? Please fill out the Client Questionnaire so we can schedule an appointment. Please note that you will not be under any obligation to pay us until we provide you a guaranteed estimate and you agree to it in writing.
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Independent fee-based investment management advisor, retirement planning.


Cornerstone Investment Management and Consulting, LLC, 809-C Daphne Avenue, Suite 102, Daphne, Alabama 36526. Fee-based investment management, hourly financial advice and planning. Cornerstone is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) registered with the Alabama Securities Commission and is headquartered in the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay in Daphne, Alabama. Cornerstone is also registered in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas and permitted to service other states by de minimus exemption.

For more information about our firm, or to receive a copy of our disclosure form ADV, please email us at info(at), or call 251.626.6292. Thank you for visiting our site.