Cornerstone provides clients with originally researched and strategically designed investment portfolios


As one of the few research-based investment firms headquartered in the Southeast, Cornerstone has been providing discretionary asset management and customized portfolio management for 20+ years.


A Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) is considered one of the most prestigious designations an investment professional can achieve. The designation binds Scott and Mark to a stringent code of ethics and standards of practice. The CFA designation is often viewed as the equivalent to a CPA for accountants, a JD for attorneys, and an MD for medical practitioner.

At Cornerstone, our strengths are original research in finding investments. We monitor a number of proprietary models which allow us to gauge the condition of the domestic and global economy. Next, we form a theme for the macroeconomy to guide us through the investment decision making process. We then review available securities, further researching the results to determine which investments will have the best return potential.

Our philosophy for the selection of investments has been honed over years of studying the markets to determine what works long-term versus what worked yesterday and may (or may not) work today. Based on our years of experience and years of study, we believe the most consistently successful investment style is relative value, considering the price of a stock relative to the market and relative to how it has been priced in the past.

While we use equity and income investments to make up a percentage of the portfolio, we also use exchange traded funds (ETF) to provide exposure to both broader diversification opportunities as well as targeted investment ideas. In our financial analysis, we carefully choose those markets and industry sectors we feel have the best long-term potential based on their present valuation.

Investment Management services are compensated by a fee-only percentage of assets under management.

As a fiduciary, our mandate is to place your interests as our client above our own. We will not mislead you, whether through manipulating information being presented or by omitting material facts. We will also not put you at any disadvantage with a trade that we conduct, especially placing any trades for accounts where we would benefit by trading before a client.

We’re a privately owned independent investment firm and aren’t affiliated with any other banks or brokerage firms, mutual fund companies, or to any of the limited, “one-size-fits-all” investment products of a brokerage house or insurance firm. Our products are customized analysis, advice, and service for each client we represent.

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